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Deadmouth Heat

3 / 10

Deadmouth Flavor

3 / 10


This one starts with a heavy smoky flavor from smoked paprika, peppers and spices with a touch of sweetness. The smoke changes quickly to a strong earthy flavor from cumin and chili powder. I noticed a rough gritty consistency, likely due to all of the powdered ingredients not breaking down entirely during the process. A second taste begins to reveal the sweetness from the syrup, but this is quickly replaced with a classic apple cider vinegar and lemon juice finish. The low initial heat builds very slowly as more is consumed.

Breakdown: I’m not a fan of the texture. I wrote this one off originally, but found some merit when used with Mexican-style food. Isolated flavor is a 2 of 10, when added to food, it may be a 4. This smoky and gritty sauce is reminiscent of a Bloody Mary made by an inexperienced bartender.

Dead Mouth Heat: 3 of 10
Dead Mouth Flavor: 3 of 10

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