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Dead Mouth Heat

6 / 10

Dead Mouth Flavor

9 / 10


Tropical smells of mango and fruit juices come pouring out with this sauce. Nearly instant spice is noted on the first bite, along with incredibly sweet mango. The distinct flavor of Scotch Bonnet peppers burns nicely, accompanying the familiar mango and habanero medley. A second bite brings confusion to the taste buds. The fresh, crisp taste of cucumber acts almost as a palate cleanser before giving in to the
sweetness of honey and brown sugar, and the swift reminder of the Scotch Bonnets. This sweet heat carries through an extended linger. A mildly earthy aftertaste is marked by tomato and a touch of carrot.


Breakdown: I didn’t think I would like this sauce because of the cucumber. My first reaction was that it was too out of place, but a few more bites soundly changed my mind. I killed this bottle in two days. Get some.

Dead Mouth Heat: 6 of 10
Dead Mouth Flavor: 9 of 10

Dead Mouth Heat

3 / 10

Dead Mouth Flavor

5 / 10


A very fresh, very tart smell greets the nose with this offering. Cucumber and tomato are the first to be noticed, followed by citrus. The first taste is quite tart from a heavy dose of vinegar and lime, with a swift and spicy kick from fresh jalapeno. Tomato and cucumber become prevalent as soon as the vinegar subsides, with just a hint of cilantro on the linger. The heavy lime and vinegar give the illusion of a higher spice level, but it dissipates nearly instantly, transitioning into a fresh tomato and cucumber salad flavor, with mango and orange ever so slightly noted on the tail end. Try this one on seafood.


Breakdown: This sauce is good on its own, but hard to pair with a meal. It separates easily, so it’s hard to get the full picture without eating a lot. It’s not my favorite from LITS, but it’s definitely good and would be better if it were just a bit more consistent.

Dead Mouth Heat: 3 of 10
Dead Mouth Flavor: 5 of 10

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