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Dead Mouth Heat

8 / 10

Dead Mouth Flavor

6 / 10



This hot sauce has a deeply earthy aroma, heavy on the cumin and smoke, with a hint of citrus. Surprisingly, the first bite is quite bright and tart. It is reminiscent of a tomato red sauce with a healthy helping of vinegar. Lemon pulp and vinegar flavors continue through the linger. A very light hint of cocoa powder plays with the cumin to add to the earthy depth, and the heat builds ever so slightly into a toasted smoky linger with a mild hint of citrus on the tongue.


Breakdown: I was very surprised to see a lack of paprika or chili powder in this sauce based on the flavors, but it reminds me of liquid chili powder. It’s quite good with a very tolerable heat.

Dead Mouth Heat: 6 of 10
Dead Mouth Flavor: 8 of 10

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