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Dead Mouth Heat

7 / 10

Dead Mouth Flavor

8 / 10



Fruity smells are noticed as this vibrant hot sauce is poured out. Apple juice is the first to be noticed, but the sweetness of the habanero and the tang of fermentation are not far behind. The first bite is quite sweet from the apple juice, but the fermented flavor quickly catches up, almost giving the impression the apple juice is about to turn. Almost immediately, the tart fermentation takes over, making the mouth pucker up just a bit as a touch of apple cider vinegar brings the apple flavor back around. A light
heat begins to creep in after this first sample. A second sample reveals full habanero flavor, fruity and fiery, mixing very well with the apples to create a nice flavor profile that is a welcome change from familiar hot sauce flavors. The heat continues to build slowly through the tasting, resulting in a pleasantly hot burn to linger with the sweet apples for quite some time. This sauce makes a fantastic glaze on a pork loin.


Breakdown: This is a unique flavor combination to really set apart this hot sauce from the standards. The fermentation is not for everyone, but I love that tang. I recommend this for anyone who likes a good ferment.

Dead Mouth Heat: 7 of 10
Dead Mouth Flavor: 8 of 10

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