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Dead Mouth Heat

5 / 10

Dead Mouth Flavor

5 / 10


The Signature hot sauce from Double Take Salsa company has a deep red color and a medium-thick consistency. It smells of vegetables, most notably bell pepper. My first taste was of carrots and onions with an immediate kick from the heat. After a moment, I noticed the bell peppers I had smelled originally, with a healthy dose of garlic. This is soon replaced with a flavor of roasted vegetables and peppers. Even though the ingredients don’t mention it, this tastes so similar to a spicy salsa, that it
floods the senses with tomatoes. It could be due to the company name, but this hot sauce tastes very similar to a tomato-based salsa with some roasted vegetables. It’s not my preferred sauce, but I think this would be a crowd pleaser for those who enjoy medium heat and flavor.


Breakdown: A little more flavorful than your standard hot sauce, but I can’t get past the salsa flavor. I would use this like a salsa as a dip or on tacos or burritos.

Dead Mouth Heat: 5 of 10
Dead Mouth Flavor: 5 of 10

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