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Dead Mouth Heat

3 / 10

Dead Mouth Flavor

6 / 10


This chipotle sauce by Lucky Dog smells heavily of smoky chipotle peppers, vinegar and cherries for a sweet and savory scent bomb. My first taste was of a strong chipotle flavor, a little smoke, and a healthy amount of cherries. The finish is quite woody, almost like cedar. With my second taste, I noticed a bit of smoky heat, a telltale sign of ghost pepper presence. There was a light linger of both sweet and smoky flavors, which helped mellow out all of the prominent ingredients.

Breakdown: Chipotle sauces aren’t generally my thing, but this one was better than most. Decent flavor, mild to medium heat. Use this instead of BBQ or steak sauce on ribs, steaks or chops.

Dead Mouth Heat: 3 of 10
Dead Mouth Flavor: 6 of 10

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