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Dead Mouth Heat

7 / 10

Dead Mouth Flavor

8 / 10

MOCHEROS Mocheros Peruvian Aji Sauce (Extra Hot Version)

Pouring out this sauce reveals a deep reddish-brown hue with a thick, almost paste-like consistency. The scent is of vegetables and heat, like a peppers roasting on a smoldering fire. A first taste mimics the smell with heavy vegetal notes and an immediate heat. I recommend letting it sit in your mouth for a moment to allow the flavor to mature. Once you do, you’ll be met with a parade of chilies, followed by a
slight soy and floral linger. This sauce has a pleasurable burn: quite hot, but not overpowering with an incredible earthy flavor tasting fresh from nature. This sauce is a real pleasure with both the heat and the flavor.

Breakdown: Great heat with a natural balance of earthy flavors. Try it on humus and pasta, but also goes well with most vegetable and meat dishes.

Dead Mouth Heat: 7 of 10
Dead Mouth Flavor: 8 of 10

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