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Entry #3

An easy, and affordable, way to find and review hot sauce came to me via one of my office colleagues. After working together for 8 years, he was familiar with my love of all things spicy, so he told me of an interesting Christmas gift he was given. He received a subscription to Fuego Box from a relative and told me I should look into it. After a little research, I decided I’d give this subscription service a shot. They have a few options, varying from one bottle per month to three. Obviously, being a bit of a spice addict, I had to go with the three bottles per month option. As a bonus, according to their website, if you review 33 hot sauces (11 months’ worth) on Instagram, they’ll send you three for free. Any time I hear Free Hot Sauce, you can bet I’ll be signing up for whatever’s being offered. They send you a cool little “Hot Sauce Log” to jot down your tasting notes and help you decipher the flavor profile of each sauce. Some sauces are a hit, some are a miss, but that’s to be expected with everyone having differing taste.

The best part of the service, in my opinion, is being exposed to other companies I may never have stumbled upon myself. Too often, people get stuck in a routine. They eat the same foods, use the same brands, take the same vacations, etc. That’s fine for some, but it drives me crazy. I’ve discovered a number of fascinating companies through this subscription, and am making friends along the way. If you feel like taking the challenge out of purchasing random hot sauce from around the country, give this a try. You don’t have to decide which sauce to try from each company, but if you’re like me, you’ll find a sauce you like, then buy one of each from the company when you find their website or phone number!

I’m told frequently I have a problem, but if you ever eat at my house, I have a hot sauce I can pair with each meal we eat. I can suggest an alternative if you don’t like the first sauce you try, and I can give you an accurate description of each bottle to help you choose your own spicy adventure! Friends and family ask me all of the time to suggest a hot sauce they might like, and I love having an answer for them. If you have one you suggest to everyone, or a hot sauce you can’t live without, tell me about it! I’d love to give it a shot and add something new to my list!

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