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Dead Mouth Heat

3 / 10

Dead Mouth Flavor

8 / 10


This tasting starts with a tart smell containing a bit of green apple, citrus and vinegar. The first bite is reminiscent of biting into a green apple, sweet with a bit of sour, followed by a vegetal flavor from the onions and jalapeno. Light vinegar on the linger results in a slight mouth pucker. With a second taste, the tequila becomes present, mixing very well with the tart flavors and creating a wonderful balance between them. The gentle heat is felt throughout the experience, which allows each of the flavors to shine without overwhelming the senses. There is a very mild heat on the linger, but the sweetness and the tart flavors outlast this heat.

Breakdown: This is a great sauce with some interesting flavor transitions and a good use of sweet/sour combinations. I would recommend trying it on some grilled shrimp, perhaps with pasta.

Dead Mouth Heat: 3 of 10
Dead Mouth Flavor: 8 of 10

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